10736127_10204296494625941_658070078_n Pollux’s real name is Arnaud Barbe. He’s a boy from ,Ivry La Bataille, France.
He started making electronic music in the end of 2007 during a depressed period within his life with a track titled “Frustration”, which is a mix of minimalist ambient indus sound & porn samples.

His first Ep was released on the Dustin Must Die Netlabel simply titled “Sirona”. This album was composed with some elements from hardcore techno and ambient tracks. As a reflection of his personality at the time, Pollux’s electronic music was divided into both parts of his personality.

It was in the end of 2008, when he discovered the label Proc-Records and release an Ep on it called “Version”, that he came to the conclusion that his heart was dedicated to ambient / electronica music and the endless possibilities of expression it was able to provide . It became clear that this style of sound was what he really wanted to explore and felt it fully expressed the real part of what he was.

It was also around this time that he discovered the lobit movement. His first exposure to the style was with the album “Soma/Psyche” which was released on Microbit-Records. Perpetuating his admiration and dedication to the lobit scene was the discovery of the 8ravens netlabel. It was then that he started to experiment with 8kbps sound, and debuted on a split with Graffiti Mechanism & Kai Nobuko. From then on, he became an active member of the Low Bitrate Community and showed his interest in the movement by continuing to release low bitrate music, while also paying close attention to others who were active as well.

2010 saw the debut of his first physical release, simply titled “Scan (Slow Version)”. In essence, it’s a mini cd-r which was released on the wonderful Kwark Records label, and was composed with a single dark ambient drone noise track. In tandem, Arnaud also has physical stuff. Here are some very symbolic physical releases for Pollux: A lobit,ambient floppy-disk album, “Riot From The Sky”. This floppy can be found on Diskette Etikette Rekords. A compilation of various beat tracks called “Blue Riot” in Kitty On Fire Records. The “Offeir Their Souls” split release with his friend Master Toad released on Trashfuck Records, a label who influenced him heavily in his noise production ventures. You can also listen a physical release in the styles of ambient, and brain dance-electronica titled “Crucial Hopes From Dead Birds”, released in Dark Meadow Recordings. Essentially, this is simply a compilation of three separate Ep’s, which together formed a comprehensive and concise Lp. To date, Pollux claims this album in particular to be one of his best releases at the time. More physical releases have been planned & released, this list is just some symbolic gaps in Pollux musical life.

In Janunary of 2009 he curated a netlabel known as Creative Obsession, although it became defunct after almost 50 releases. In March 2011, under the influence of Proc-Records and filled with experience and an adequate knowledge of the netlabel scene, he finally chose to start an entirely new netlabel, an unbiased place dedicated to all styles of electronic sound, regardless of the bitrate. This new netlabel, known internationally as Sirona-Records, quickly became an important netlabel in the underground scene through it’s strong emphases on endless experimentation and the strong community-feel which it conveys.

In addition to his new netlabel, Arnaud joined forces with the brilliant mind of Kai Nobuko to help break ground on the world’s first lobit webradio podcast called Tibol. Created to help share the love of low bitrate sound, it quickly gained traction from others in the lobit movement who were equally as motivated about being a Dj for Tibol. Already quite popular by many in the underground, the podcast seems to have a beautiful and positive future.

In october 2012, he started a sublabel of SP dedicated to videos called SPOptic. He randomly chooses song from previous SP releases and creates some stunning visual atmospheres to complimant the music.

For those of you who want to get a better idea of what Pollux’s music sounds like, feel free to browse his vast catalog of self-crafted music, however, it should be known that he currently has tons of releases and is featured on roughly a lot of compilations! But number is just a number, and remember: “Sincerity is the key”.


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